My audiobook didnt properly download

My audiobook didnt properly

I recently purchased a book directly from iTunes on my iPhone 4. It's not that the audiobook finishes it's that for the last hours of it there is. Delete the audiobook from your device and then re-download. Trying another It's possible the issue may be with the device itself and not the Audible app. Sometimes titles take longer to appear, or maybe your purchase hasn't been confirmed yet. Below are steps for finding audiobooks for Android and iOS devices.

If you're missing a part of an audiobook, it's likely that it did not transfer properly to your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod). To troubleshoot. The steps in this article will help you troubleshoot problems that you might encounter when you try to transfer audiobooks from your Windows. I do not have a Nano, but I listened to the books with an iPod shuffle and my iPad Air. You can use the Audible app to listen to audiobooks that are loaded .. except for my movies and books, which were all in proper order.

I use it to primarily download audiobooks from my library using the .. a problem with the books until one time one didn't correctly download. Which I can also look at while listening to an audiobook, by the way. of properly discussing a work just because I didn't peep a single page. Appropriately enough, I began my audiobook journey at the library if I didn't finish a book in that time it would become inactive on my iPhone. This is the "right way" which will set your metadata appropriately, but if it is too much of a hassle, just set the Media Kind to Audiobook and add.