Samsung c3303 phone lock code usb on z3x download

Samsung c3303 phone lock code usb on z3x

to read phone lock code for samsung c connector type is micro usb iam using z3x box but unable to connect phone with usb cable. hi share ko lng samsung c lock sa sun success by z3x latest version Press "volume up" + "lock" and connect USB cable to phone Please make full reset **# + input code #**#. SAMSUNG CK C MICRO UART PRO OCTOPUS FURIOUS Z3X BOX RJ45 Box Edition Unlock & Flash & Repair Tool For Samsung Cell phones W .. Repair "Phone locked return for servicing", "Wrong Card" Read network codes USB. Package included: 1 x OEM Z3X BOX Unlocker Activated Repair Flash.

5 Sep samsung be spd cpu phone lock if any wrong ways set goes complete dead not taking usb port so do this steep after flashing flashing with z3x now flash .