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Python anydbm

anydbm is a generic interface to variants of the DBM database — dbhash ( requires bsddb), gdbm, or dbm. If none of these modules is installed, the. import dbm # Open database, creating it if necessary. with'cache', 'c') as db: # Record some values db[b'hello'] = b'there' db['']. anydbm is a front-end for DBM-style databases that use simple string values as keys to access records containing strings. It uses the whichdb module to identify.

"""Generic interface to all dbm clones. Instead of. import dbm. d =, ' w', ). use. import anydbm. d =, 'w'). The returned object. This module provides a unified interface to the simple database drivers supported by Python. When you open an existing database, the module uses whichdb to. On my system, dbm in Python 3 chooses to use ndbm, which is It appears anydbm in Python 2 chooses dumbdbm, which is slower, but does.

Python supports any DBM (database manager) and a similar interface. The main difference lies in the underrlying format. The database is a persistent. In this Post, I am going to describe about python anydbm module and i will also provide you practical examples of python anydbm module. This page provides Python code examples for