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Music outside china

Learn how to unblock QQ Music outside China. Choose any VPN service to appointed a Chinese IP address & run QQ Music. QQ Music is a Chinese music streaming and download service owned by Tencent. It is free on mobile, tablet and computer. QQ Music App is. I've tried many apps and finally my chinese friends told me to use an app called Transock and it works like a charm. Easy connection with one.

However, there is a way of getting around this issue so if you want to discover what QQ Music offers and enjoy its features outside China, keep. I am creating this blog because I find that a lot of other people out there are looking for the same answer since QQ Music has recently blocked. Perhaps I listen to the more popular Chinese artists, but I actually find them on regular places such as iTunes and Spotify. Although, to be fair, I do mostly listen to.

Anyone who tries to use QQ music outside of China will soon find the app has a geo-restriction, which prevents use overseas. Our tutorial will. It is hard accessing the music when in China and when you are outside China it's not different also. For those people that love the QQ music. Discover how to unblock Kugou music outside of China with a VPN and listen to all your favorite songs through Kugou music anonymously.