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Madcow template

5, Madcow 5x5 Training Program. 6. 7. 8, Exercise, Test Weight, Reps, Set Interval, Tonnage Cutoff, 1RM, 5RM, Starting Weight. 9, Squat, , 5, %, %. Gain strength and muscle with Madcow 5×5 once you've stopped gaining on StrongLifts Here's the template that I recommend you to follow. Strength training program for intermediate weight lifters.

An adjusted/better Madcow 5x5 Template! Hi! I got the Madcow template from: diystrengthtraining remove the space, I had to break the link. Free Google Spreadsheet download of Madcow 5x5, one of the most popular and effective linear strength routines available. You most likely heard of Bill Starr's 5×5 workout routine. He is the original creator of this program. The first time I have heard about madcow 5×5 workout routine.

When I found the Madcow 5×5 workout spreadsheet based on Bill Starr's Intermediate 5×5 routine, In the beginning, stick with the template 5×5 workout. You'll. 5 x 5 Strength Training Template in History and Its Variations. Well, I don't . You can learn more about Madcow template here. They are both.