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I've used ANTS performance profiler, dotTrace, EQATEC, Slimtune and among memory profilers Scitech and ANTS memory profiler. Memory profilers are a. The EQATEC Profiler is a code profiler, not a memory profiler. So it's all about making your app run faster, not about tracking objects and. EQATEC has created a code profiler for applications written for mclandscapetrees.com Compact Framework. Initially written for their own needs, EQATEC decided to release the profiler to the entire community mclandscapetrees.com Compact Framework developers. Code profiler for optimizing your application's.

Free Download EQATEC Profiler - Locate performance bottlenecks easily in mclandscapetrees.com Compact Framework application. EQATEC Profiler - Spot slow code: Are you mclandscapetrees.com developer? Would you like your application to run faster? Then use our free profiler to spot you app's slow. Building a profiled application with EQATEC Profiler. Browse to, or simply drag- drop a folder on this tab, to select an application. Press shift-delete to remove an .

net Compact Framework is known for missing several?features? that regular. net developers take for granted. One if the ready availability of. Popular Alternatives to EQATEC Profiler for Windows, Linux,.NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio, Mac and more. Explore 6 apps like EQATEC Profiler, all. I have been making some R&D on the tools or the profilers to test the Know more about EQATEC Profiler and download it from EQATEC. Screenshot of EQATEC Profiler Viewer mclandscapetrees.com CF. Source. self-made. Date. Author. Richard Flamsholt. Permission (Reusing this file). See below .