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Dekaron fail

9 Nov - 45 sec - Uploaded by PolyContentChannel This is a video of mine with me trying to upgrade an item, but the game starts to laugh at me and. 24 Nov - 2 min - Uploaded by azzuro2k i would be laughing, if it wasnt so damn sad Game. 2Moons - (YouTube Gaming. I have been trying over the past couple of days to get my client to work. Unfortunately I have not been able to and this leaves me frustrated.

What about "Failed to run Launcher " error, Anyone else got this problem? server is off, mostly we get another delay soon, dekaron is old. If you fail, the messages, “Upgrade Fail”, “Item fortification failed” and the item status will be displayed. - When Fortifying an item using the Agate system, you. Dekaron Forum. K News and Announcements about Dekaron. 0 Discuss everything Dekaron related here Dekaron events information and updates.

What do players have to do to get you guys to fix, take a look at, play with, get rid of, anything but say how unlucky we are with the Argate failure. Whereas fortification is chance based, there is always chance to fail. If you fail using copper/silver argates(+1-+6), your weapon/armor goes back to +0. I normally only use winhex, because I think it's smoother and just flat out better. However, trying to hack dungeons with winhex is lame, so I thought.