Opensso.war download


Deploying the OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File. Before you deploy the opensso. war, a supported web container must be deployed and configured, as described . To generate a WAR file to deploy OpenSSO Enterprise server without an administration console, use the jar command to extract the files from the opensso. war. Customizing and Redeploying The file contains all OpenSSO Enterprise components. To customize OpenSSO Enterprise, you must .

Patching an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File. Use this procedure to create a new staging area, where an original WAR file is merged with a new WAR file. Patching an OpenSSO Enterprise WAR File. The patching operation compares the manifests for each WAR file and then shows: Files customized in the. In addition to deploying OpenSSO Enterprise server, you can also use opensso. war to create a customized server WAR file and specialized.

I also noticed this.. which will download the bits for testing. And guess what there is an Download OpenSSO for free. The OpenSSO project aims at developing open source agents for web based single-sign on for popular web. This section details the setting up of OpenSSO server to authenticate against the is done via the file. OpenSSO is an open source project for single sign on from Sun Go to deployable-war directory and copy to glassfish hotdeploy directory. 2.